• Waiting at the launchpad for you

    Businesses, not for profits and artists choose Crawford Dev.

    For years, we've been crafting amazing web experiences for our clients and their customers. We've worked with eCommerce businesses with global ambitions, innovative healthcare groups, bleeding-edge not-for-profits, and amazingly talented artists.


    We run a lean and green organization where we know every client's name. You get all the conveniences that come with a digital workflow: invoices at your fingertips and lightning-fast proofing.

  • Services that are out of this world

    Affordable prices, professional results. That's our motto.

    Web development

    Websites and blogs

    We build amazing web experiences at great prices. From blogs to corporate intranets, we have you covered.


    Digital signage and more

    When it comes to attracting attention, look no further! We're your experts at creating amazing signage and media.

    And more...

    A customized option

    We've also designed logos, handouts, buttons and more. Whatever the job is, our team is up to the task.

  • A process with proven results

    We'll keep you safe out there.

    Find solutions

    We sit down and work with you to build the perfect solution for your web and marketing needs. You're in the right hands.

    Work diligently

    Time is money, and it doesn't slow down because you've hired a consultant. That's why we dedicate all our energy to crafting your project.

    Build hype

    All the fanciest bells and whistles won't draw customers to your website, but our marketers can. We're your interstellar marketing experts.

  • Software made for Earthlings

    Your project is powered by robust and full-featured platforms.


    The world's most popular website and eCommerce platform


    A lightweight framework for web developers and designers


    An update to a language everyone loves, especially web browsers


    Using Python to build interactive apps for every platform

  • No rocket scientist needed

    We answer all your questions, when they're asked, without the cruft.

    What's all this going to cost me?

    The cost of your project can depends on various factors, just like the cost of a spaceship or, really, anything. We normally start in the $800 range for most clients. But we know what running a small company is like and we're willing to work with you.

    Not-for-profit organizations, activists, artists, and students may get significant discounts.

    So who owns all of the project materials?

    If we need to license any material for your website, you'll have the right to use those images and illustrations however you like. Likewise many of our tools are open-source.

    What about email?

    If you purchase your website address through us, you'll receive five email addresses with an unlimited number of aliases. Most of the time, we setup G Suite (Google Apps) or Office 365 email hosting at a client's request.

    Where are you located?

    We're based in the sunny Tampa Bay. Whether your business is in Florida, Minnesota or on Mars, your project is important to us and we'd love to work with you.

    How do we get this thing started?

    We provide free consultations for every project. Just get in touch with us to begin.

  • Get started with a free consultation

    Now there's no excuse not to start a new adventure.

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